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John 1:5
And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

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Revelations means to reveal... Here you will find the mysteries and the wisdom of God that have been sealed for over 6,000 years...

"And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world"
Revelation 12:9

Because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

2Thessalonians 2:10-11

For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all.
Romans 11:32

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And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Matthew 24:37-39

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THE CORONATION STONE (Jacob's Pillow, The Stone of Destiny, Lia Fail)

Jacob's Pillar Stone Long resided as the Coronation Stone in St. Edward's Chapel in Westminister Abbey in Britain. No other object has been given such high honors.

In Westminster Abbey, under the throne of Edward I, lies a stone 26 x 16 x 10.5 of purplish-red sandstone of a type not found in the U.K. but found in Judea and Moab. {The stone} has two very worn iron rings and has a great crack in it. All the Monarchs of Great Britain since its removal from Scone in Scotland 700 years before 1996, have been crowned on it apart from Mary Queen of Scots. It was so esteemed by the British people that when Edward III was forced to return the crown jewels and this stone to Scotland in 1328, there were riots in the streets of London and only the regalia were returned.

Prior to its removal from Scotland all Kings there had been crowned upon the stone, it having been moved from Ireland from Tara via Dunstaffnage, Iona and finally to Scone (Perth). It left the hands of the Irish in the 5th century where for 1,000 years prior, all Kings of Ireland had been crowned upon this insignificant looking piece of rock. Irish legend and history recount that in the 6th century on the north east coast of Ireland ( near Carrickfergus) a sage arrived from Egypt via Ireland. He was accompanied by a secretary and a young Princess. They brought with them a mysterious chest holding a harp (the emblem of the Royal House of David and a motif found today in the arms of Ireland and in the Royal Coat of Arms of the House of Windsor), a banner and a large rough stone. The name of the aged seer was Ollamh Fodhla (Wonderful seer), the secretary, Simon Brug or Bruch and the Princess, Tamar Tephi. This Princess married into the Royal Family of Ireland. Even the Royal Family of Ireland at this time according to the ancient records, itself was from the tribe of Judah but this is another story.

At precisely this time in history, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon had brought an end to the dynasty of the House of David, the Kings of Judah. The sons of the last King Zedekiah were slain and only his two daughters were spared. They were taken to Egypt by the great prophet Jeremiah, accompanied by the scribe Baruch. They then dis appear from Biblical history. Is it just coincidence that a similar group are reported to have landed in Ireland? Is it a further coincidence that Jeremiah's Tomb is located by popular legend from time immemorial on Devenish Island in the beautiful lake, Lough Erne?

After the marriage to the Irish Prince is it coincidence that the capital of Ireland was immediately moved to a new site to be called Tara, the center of the law (Torah)? What is not in doubt is the location and importance of the stone and the harp they brought with them. Both are inextricably linked to the British Royal family till this day.

Jeremiah brought the Stone with him when he arrived in Ireland after King Zedakiah of Judah was taken captive. You can learn more about this in The U.S.A. and Great Britain in prophecy along with other links on this page.

Ezekiel proclaims.....

Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown; this shall not be the same; exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. I will overturn, overturn, overturn it:

Click on the image to learn more

(The House of David will rule in three places in succession outside of Jerusalem ) and it shall be no more, until the time come whose right it is; and I will give it to him.

Next year is the 700th anniversary since the last overturn. How ironic and poignant that after 700 years only now do we see the prospect of the fall of the House of Windsor. The prophesy comes full circle in that, instead of there being two Princesses as survivors, there are now two Princes. The coincidences mount. 1996 is the 3,000th anniversary of the founding of Jerusalem by King David. 4,004 B.C., 1,004 B.C. 4 B.C. 1396 A.D. 1,996 A.D. ...... The legends state that the chest that Jeremiah brought to Ireland contained the Ark of the Covenant. That chest is buried in a mound next to the Irish Queen Tamar Tephi at Tara and to date there is no evidence that this mound has ever been excavated. Maybe next year to coincide with the excavations at Djaharya.

For some completely unknown reason, on the fast of 17 Tammuz 5756 which corresponded to Independence Day this year July 4th 1996, John Major the prime minister of England decided to return the Coronation stone to Scotland...

The implication is similar to President Clinton deciding to return all the Egyptian artifacts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Egypt.

I have been lecturing on the fact that this overturning would take place in 1996 according to Ezekiel prophesy, for the past 7 years. My lectures are on many tapes and in fact I wrote this piece in 1995

Sept. 28th, 1995

Click on image for a larger view

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Regarding story on the moving of the CORONATION STONE from England to Scotland. For seven years publisher Michael S. Sanders has widely predicted that this stone would be overturned in 1996. Not only are there taped lectures making this prediction, but the attached piece on the stone was widely disseminated in association with his planned excavation of the site at which the treasures of Solomon's Temple were handed over to the Egyptian King Shishak. The prediction that something would happen to Jacob's Pillar in the year 1996 was widely criticized and laughed at and the credibility of Mr. Sanders was severely damaged. Nevertheless he stuck to the prediction even when his closest friends begged him to drop it, in that it was damaging his ability to complete the work on the excavation.

Gregalachs have greater reason then most Scots to celebrate the historic return of the Stone of Scone to Scotland this summer as the Stone is a clan heirloom that has possibly been in possession of our gene pool for up to 2,600 years. Most recently this stone was named after Scone, the former capital of Pictavia on the banks of the Firth of Tay, where Kenneth MacAlpin brought the Stone to sit beneath his pillar, The Palladium of Scotland, The Stone Of Destiny, and Lia Fails. Every Scottish king until 1296 AD and quite a few Irish kings before that at Tara, have been crowned over it. Reportedly, there is a footprint carved in the stone, that would be filled with the soil from all the main districts of the Kingdom which the High King would then ritually stand upon.

The biblicized story is that the Stone was taken from a pillar on which the Hebrew Patriarch Jacob slept when he had his vision of a ladder of angels. From Palestine the Stone traveled through Egypt and Sicily to Spain. From there it was probably brought to Ireland by Kenneth's and our ancestors the Milesians around 350 BC (some sources say 700 BC). Legends say that the Lia Fails would sing when the righful King stood upon it. It was one of the four treasures of Ireland possessed by the Tuatha De Dannan. These later came to be associated with the Grail legends and the suits of regular playing and Tarot cards.

The descendants of the Milesian king Eremon took it with them when they were driven up to the region of Northern Ireland (Country Antrim) called Dalrada around 200 Ad. In 503 AD a tribe of Dalriad Scots under Fergus Mac migrated to the Isle of Mull, taking the Stone with them. In 730 AD Achauis, a descendant of Fergus Mac married a Pict princess Fergusia, who was of the royal Pict Alpin line. Achuauis' son was Kenneth Mac Alpin's father who was Dalraid Scot king. Kenneth's mother was also a Pict princess which through matrilineal descent gave him claim to the Pict crown as well. In this way the Stone seems to have passed down through Kennth's descendants to modern times. Just prior to coming to Scone the Stone resided at the former capital of the Dalraid Scots at Dunadd and Dunstaffnage (four miles north of Oban) from the 6th to the 9th century. Saint Columba crowned King Aidan over the Stone at Dunstaffnage in 574 AD.

In 1296 AD Edward I captured the Stone from Scone and had it placed in Westminster Abbey. Robert the Bruce was apparently the first Scottish King not to be crowned over it, except for the Sovereigns who rose to power as children and were prohibited by the tradition surrounding the Stone from being so crowned. Those sovereigns so excluded were James II (age 6), James V (age 17 months), Mary (under 1 year old), and James VI (13 months).

There is little, however, that is not in dispute about the Stone or shrouded in ancient history. There are alternate versions of its history. There are differences of opinion as to its weight. One source reported that it weighed 336 pounds and another said 458 pounds. The Stone appears to be camera shy, because I have found no pictures of it anywhere. One source implied chicanery regarding the Stone's ancient history, claiming that it was simply plain old Scottish sandstone. Another source laughingly admitted it was plain Scottish sandstone which the Scot Nationals who stole the Stone from the English in 1950 had returned in place of the original. I quote: However, canny Scots had almost certainly hidden the original stone and the one in London, a rather dull lump of plain sandstone, is not even a replica because the true stone was intricately carved. The stone was returned three months after its dis appearance, on the alter of Arbroath Abbey. It is no coincidence that it was at Arbroath that the Scots signed their Declaration of Independence in 1320 AD. According to the source quoted above, the true stone is being kept in a cavern by its rightful hereditary guardians )anyone we know ?) who will return it to Scotland when the time is right. Should I find out more about this family heirloom I will let you know in subsequent newsletters. I have not had a chance to read Nigel Trantor's book on the Stone of Destiny, but would like to see it or hear from anyone who has read it.

The rings in the ends of the Stone would indicate that porter poles were once used to transport the Stone. At first, it would appear as if two poles were used, one of them passed through the ring at each end, so that four persons would be required to carry it. However, when turned up, these rings protrude above the top of the stone, enabling one pole to be passed through both rings across the top of the Stone, theoretically allowing it to be carried by only two persons.

In preparation for King George V's coronation, the Stone was temporarily removed from the Coronation Chair, and a photograph was taken of it. A groove runs right across the stone from ring to ring. From its appearance this groove was not cut, but was clearly the result of friction from a single pole being passed across from ring to ring. Such an indentation and wearing away of material indicates the enormous amount of carrying that the Stone was subjected to. If, as it appears, a single pole was used, because of the weight of the Stone (about 336 pounds) it is probable that more than two persons actually carried the Stone. Yoke-like cross beams could have been attached to both ends of the pole for the convenience of two or more persons at each end of the pole.

In his essay on Certain Monuments of Antiquity, Weaver says (p. 118):
It appears that the Irish kings, from very ancient times until A.D. 513, were crowned upon a particular sacred stone called 'Liath Fail', 'the Stone of Destiny', that, so also, were the Scottish kings until the year 1296, when Edward I of England brought it here. And it is a curious fact that this stone has not only remained in England unto now, and is existing still under the coronation chair of our British sovereigns in Westminster Abbey, but that all our kings, from James I, have been crowned in that chair. This being a fact so curious, we shall quote its particulars in a note taken from Toland, in his History of the Druids (pp. 137-9).

Toland's statement is this:
The Fatal Stone (Liag Fail) so called, was the stone on which the supreme kings of Ireland used to be inaugurated, in time of heathenism on the hill of Tarah; it was superstitiously sent to confirm the Irish colony in the north of Great Britain, where it was continued as the coronation seat of the Scottish kings ever since Christianity; till in the year 1300 (1296 A.D.). Edward I, of England brought it from Scone, placing it under the coronation chair at Westminster, and there it still continues.

Dean Stanley, one-time custodian of the Stone, in his book Memorials of Westminster Abbey, sums up its historical importance in these words; 'It is the one primeval monument which binds together the whole Empire. The iron rings, the battered surface, the crack which has all but rent its solid mass asunder, bear witness of the English monarchy--an element of poetic, patriarchal, heathen times, which, like Araunah's rocky threshing floor in the midst of the Temple of Solomon, carries back our thoughts to races and customs now almost extinct; a link which unites the Throne of England to the traditions of Tara and Iona' (2nd Edit. pg. 66).

British, Scotch and Irish records of the Stone of Destiny locate it at Tara, Ireland (some five centuries before Christ), from where it was transported to Scotland in circa A.D. 498 by Fergus the Great. From there it was taken to Iona circa A.D. 563; then to Dunstaffnage from where it was removed to Scone, near Perth, Scotland. Finally it was moved, by Edward I, to Westminster Abbey, London in A.D. 1296. Thus, from Tara to Westminster, covering over 1800 years of history, it was never carried to any appreciable extent. The mere removal from these places could not account for the wearing away of the Stone that was evidently caused by the friction of a pole used in constant carrying. This must have been the result of many months of continuous carrying, prior to its arrival in Tara. The story of its journeying from Bethel, in the time of Jacob, and its accompanying the children of Israel in the Wilderness, would account for its present condition.

One of the most significant facts about the Coronation Stone is that no similar rock formation exists in the British Isles. Professor Totten, the eminent professor of Science at Yale University, after making a thorough examination of the Stone made the following statement: The analysis of the stone shows that there are absolutely no quarries in Scone or Iona where-from a block so constituted could possibly have come, nor yet from Tara. Professor Odlum, a geologist (and Professor of Theology at an Ontario University), also made microscopic examinations of the Coronation Stone, comparing it to similar stone from Scotland (including Iona and the quarries of Ireland) and found them dissimilar.

Professor Odlum became tremendously interested in the Stone. He was intrigued with the idea that perhaps its source could be found in Palestine, as suggested by the ancient records of Ireland. Determined to make the search, and after several weeks of unsuccessful exploration, Odlum discovered a stratum of sandstone near the Red Sea at Bethel, geologically the same as the Coronation Stone. Relating the circumstances of the discovery to a friend upon his return to Britain, the Professor stated:

I put on my old mackintosh, I stuck my geologist's hammer in my pocket, and I went out for one last look. It was pouring rain. I walked along the same places I had walked over and over again, looking for stone. Suddenly, while I was walking along a certain pathway, with a rocky cliff on either side, the sun shone on the rain-streaked piece of rock, and I noticed a peculiar sort of glitter that I thought I recognized. I climbed up, and I found that wet rock, as far as I could see with the magnifying glass I had, was of the identical texture I had been looking for. I chipped off a piece from the living rock. I took it back to the hotel and examined it as well as I could. I was sure I had got what I wanted.

Although a microscopic test of the sample Bethel stone matched perfectly with the same test made of the Coronation Stone, the Professor wanted to make chemical tests of both stones. to dispel all doubts as to the source of Britain's treasured relic. To save time, Odium cabled a geologist friend in England and said:

Will you do all you possibly can to get a piece of the Coronation Stone no bigger than a pea, in order that we may submit it to a chemical test. The geologist friend made application to the Dean of Westminster Abbey to be allowed to take a piece, no bigger than a pea, from the Coronation Stone. The Dean said: I daren't let you have permission. The only way you can get permission would be from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Application was made to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and this was the reply of the Archbishop: To take a piece from that stone no bigger than a pea would require a special Act of Parliament to be passed by the House of Commons, endorsed by the House of Lords and signed by the King, and if you get that said the Archbishop, I won't give you permission.

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